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A Power Vacuum in Missouri

Staff people had been saying for weeks that Roy Blunt fully intended to stand for…

Welcome Back, Josh Hawley

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been laying low from the media since the Capitol riots on January 6, but he’s back and ready to share his side.

Inauguration Party for One

“. . . To support the Constitution of the State of Missouri . . .”…

New Year, Unfinished Business

Under ordinary circumstances, a long off-season break (with an intervening election) would create a sense…

Early Voting in Missouri

Even though virtually everyone knew it was coming, the controversy surrounding the extended counting of…

Second Monday in October

Statuette of Lady Justice holding scales

Silver knight statue standing alongside bullets to represent the castle doctrine

Testing the Castle Doctrine

When we look back on the summer of COVID-19 and racial unrest, we will recall…

Graphic showing a speaker cutout on top of a pile of VOTE buttons

In the Hot Seat

A look at the primaries and what it means for November’s election.

Ballot Access: Mailing It In

Way back in January, long before the coronavirus became the yardstick by which everything legislative…

Cleaner … or Dirtier?

The political battle regarding the “Clean Missouri” amendment.


A rundown of how Missouri’s politicians are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Politics of Disease

Reflecting on the state government’s initial reaction in mid-March to COVID-19.