Bertha's Beans Cat Cafe

Not-So-New Cafe is the Cat’s Meow

Jessica Schlosser is no stranger to taking on new projects. When she was approached about…

Sextortion: Dark Hooded Figure

Shrouded in Sh@me and $ecrecy

The desperate and sometimes tragic stories of teens caught up in internet sextortion scams continue…

Therapist and Client Sitting in Matching Chairs

The Perfect Match for Mental Health and Wellness

Mental health is physical health, and from her vantage point as a licensed clinical social…

Clint Sinclair Davon Argo Darryl Reese and Naeema Reese

Building a Family Was ‘A Little Scary’

Clint Sinclair vividly remembers Wednesday, July 8, 2020. That was the day he and Davon…

Microphone on black background

‘That’s What She Said’ Columbia 2024

The stage is set for Columbia’s second “That’s What She Said” event featuring ten women…

Super Bowl and Chiefs helmets

Super Bowl Ticket Winner Pays It Forward

Big Tree nurse and husband are heading to Vegas for SB LVIII Nine years after…

Bob and Priscilla Bartlett's hands and armed joined together

Ninety-Something Lovebirds

Columbia couple enjoys playful love and marriage a second time around  When their first New…

University Of Missouris College Of Veterinary Medicine Standing Ct Scanner Face

Standing Apart from the Competition

The new standing CT
scanner at Clydesdale Hall brings new research and learning opportunities.

Big Tree Medical

A Novel Approach to Health Coverage Takes Root

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are one of the millions of…

Cardboard Sign Displaying Panhandling Predicament

The Panhandling Predicament: ‘I Call it Surviving’

One side of Tim’s handcrafted sign tells passing motorists, “You have a beautiful smile.” The…

A Child's Hand Holding a Dandelion

Where Hope and Science Collide

It has been said that bringing a child into the world is the ultimate act…

Steak Fries and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

A Shared History

More than fifty-five years after it all began, the G&D name is deeply woven into…