On the Road Again

The COMO magazine staff shares their favorite nearby weekend getaways where they unplug and unwind.

What’s New on the West Side?

Those who know Columbia know the city by the different parts of town and what each side has to offer. This series will explore new business development in Columbia along with things to do, places to eat, and shops to explore. This month, we kick off the series with the west side.

Branson or Bust

A hometown girl’s guide to the best attractions in the Springfield-Branson area.

Calling COMO Home (for Now)

Meet four people who have settled in as true Columbians — at least for the short-term.

Women of Excellence 2020

The Women of Excellence awards celebrate exceptional Columbia businesswomen who strive to continuously grow in their professional field through continued education and serving in the community.

Remembering Molly

The community comes together to honor the fallen officer’s sacrifice and legacy.

A Time to Cheer

Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Collins, Racheal Acuff enjoys life after battling a deadly sepsis infection.

Increasing Access

How businesses can bridge the mental health gap.

Getting to the Point

Acupuncturists Gina Butler and Lynn Maloney reshape health in Columbia.

Diagnosis: The Future is Bright

Boone Hospital Center begins taking the necessary steps to become an independent hospital by 2021.

A Welcome Homecoming

A Columbia delegation visits Hakusan, Japan, to celebrate a 30-year relationship with our sister city.

As Green as Grass

Curtis Taylor Jr. and Marquise White open a downtown art curation and boutique space.