Pet Friendly

Chrysallis of the Monarchs at Cedarhurst of Columbia

The Royal Treatment

2020. For a year that will forever be linked with bad omens, disastrous luck, and misfortune,…

Hound and Hue

New Zealander Shannise Finn has privately practiced art for years, but within the past year,…

Fostering for Central Missouri Humane Society

A man with his foster dog

Josiah Jainchill with his rescued robin

The Temporary Pet

After a harsh summer storm, Josiah, a teenager, found a shivering clump of feathers on his lawn. He became interested in it when it hopped away. Josiah Jainchill rescued and raised an orphaned robin.

Pet chinchilla being held by its owner

A Little Spunk-y

Rae Willis shares her experience with her pet chinchilla, Spunky.

The Farmer’s Top Employee

Most Columbians start their work day by grabbing their keys as they head out the…

Peg Schrader holding a rabbit

The Companionship of Rabbits

For one local woman, pet rabbits have become essential companions over the years.

Education vs. Training

Anne Gafke shares her 50 years of experience connecting with man’s best friend.

A Man’s Best Fin

How Kayvon Ashrafzadeh’s carnival prize turned into a lifelong passion.

A Labor of Love

Eddie Dzuik shares his experience as a judge in one of the oldest sporting events in history.

Pudgie and Polly

Savannah Davis spills the beans on her adventures owning pet pigs.

Walking in the Dark

Thanks to his guide dog, Kevin Henderson can go anywhere.