Art & Culture

Stop It – You’re Kiln Me

Jeff Ferguson explores the technicality of pottery.

A Well-Built Business

Emmett Russell moves to Columbia in hopes of turning his metalworking dreams into reality.

A Little Something Special

Handbag designer Melanie Henry brings her craft to the Columbia art scene.

A Dance for Everyone

The Dance Academy offers an inclusive class for children with disabilities.

bo bedilion

Sculpting a Balance

Bo Bedilion, potter and assistant professor at Columbia College, stays active in the world of ceramics.

CoMo Famous: A 2019 Ragtag Special

Approaching 22 years of operation, Ragtag holds true to its tradition of appreciating film and this is reflected in its new fundraiser CoMo Famous.

Making an Impression

After 32 years of working for the city, Tony St. Romaine follows his passion to become a painter.

Sports Contenders

Five invigorating reads to energize your summer.

Giving Back: A Sweet Partnership

The Salvation Army honors veterans with dough-nated doughnuts. Almost nothing is sweeter than getting to…

Stoner John Williams

Shelf Life: The Perfect American Novel

Set at MU, “Stoner” gains acclaim 20 years after the author’s death. It’s hard as…

schultes bakery

Meet Me by the Riverfront

Washington surprises and delights with true Missouri flair. When I was young, my brother and…

Shelf Life: Introducing Joe Harper

Local author Phong Nguyen’s novel adds a compelling chapter to “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”…