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The front desk at Shock Plastic Surgery

Innovations in Aesthetics

With new technology constantly emerging, Shock Plastic Surgery & Spa prioritizes expertise over novelty.

Student works on mannequin at Luxx Beauty and Barber

Style Statement: Beauty, Barber, and Beyond

Students from throughout the state flock to Columbia to receive an education that will pave…

Strawberry Hill Farms Floral Greenhouse

Growing Together

Mid-Missourians flock to family-owned Strawberry Hill Farms every spring and fall to fill their flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

In the Eyelash of the Beholder

In the Eyelash of the Beholder

Just past the hustle and bustle of the North Village Arts District, one business is dedicated to helping clients appreciate their own beauty.

KayCee on stage at The Blue Note

Drag as art: The Royal Court of Columbia

Under the dazzling stage lights in a room gone hazy from clouds of hair spray,…


Romance blooms at La Takita

Every weekend, like clockwork, Downtown Columbia comes alive as residents march to their favorite bars…


It’s Not a Catwalk, It’s a Dogwalk

Flashing lights dance over the runway while energetic music pumps through loudspeakers.  The audience whispers…


Live On Air

One evening on your drive home, try turning off your Spotify playlist and tuning into…


Blazing a Trail to Victory

Like a story straight from the silver screen, the Fr. Tolton Catholic High School baseball…

Aid to Ease the Baby Blues

Many claim that having a child is the most wonderful experience in the world. But…

RNs On The Open Road: Travel Nurse Leah Bernard

The world needs nurses. In recent years, their areas of expertise have been in such…

If You Can Break It, You Can Make It

Off Rollins Road, you may have noticed a small automotive shop with a large, bright…