Initial Attraction, Lasting Affection

It was much less complicated when Calibration Technologies Inc. first started 15 years ago.


Standing for Schools

How Columbia’s educational unions are advocating for better education.

Women Who Run

Women Who Run

Why do so few women run for office when they win as often as or more often than men?

Top of the Town

Top of the Town

When reflecting on the winners of this year’s Top of the Town awards, one thing…

A Minimum Increase

As Missouri raises its minimum wage over the course of the next four years, business owners are already feeling the effects.

The Perfect Pairing

Wouldn’t it be cool to be a wine taster for a living? It’s one of…

Passing the Torch

Small business owners put their heart, soul, sweat, and tears into building and growing their business. When it comes time to hand over the business to someone else, that process looks different for everyone. From training up an employee to take over and exploring the idea of selling to a family member, succession plans look different for everyone. Koonse Glass and Dave Griggs’ Flooring America share their successful succession stories.

20 Under 20 Class of 2019

Each spring, CBT selects 20 well-deserving high school seniors from across Columbia who stand out…

A Look Inside Columbia’s Private Schools

Taking a closer look at three local private schools through their enrollment requirements and numbers.

A 10-Year Vision

Columbia’s universities and colleges share their hopes and plans for the next 10 years. Stephens…

Moving South

Lakota Coffee Company brings cups full of warmth and community to Columbia’s south side.

Realty Professionals

From their titles to their numbers, Columbia Board of Realtors give a glimpse into the real estate profession.