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Small but Mighty

This tiny home in the heart of Columbia was built with efficiency and style in mind.

Seniors in the Spotlight

Eight of Columbia’s top high school seniors share their contributions to the community before starting a new chapter in their lives.

Minimal Invasion, Massive Relief

A uterine artery embolization gives Karla Church relief from painful menstrual cycles.

A Well-Built Business

Emmett Russell moves to Columbia in hopes of turning his metalworking dreams into reality.

Empowerment for Survivors

True North of Columbia works to support victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Payday Loans

Quick Fix Loans

Local organizations work together to combat high-interest loans targeting low-income residents.

piggy bank

Piggy Bank Fix

When there’s more month left at the end of your money, it’s time to get some help. Here are five tips from Kimberly Earnest, financial fitness coordinator for Veterans United Home Loans.

Tracy and Beth arey

CYSK: Tracy & Beth Arey

Realtors Tracy & Beth Arey talk about their family and pushing each other to win in business.

Meet You at the Gate

Mark and Katie Burton, co-owners of Valhalla’s Gate, expand their store to grow Columbia’s board game and role-playing community.

Sniffing Their Way to a Win

Columbia Canine Sports Center offers scent-based competitions.


Standing for Schools

How Columbia’s educational unions are advocating for better education.