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Diagnosis: The Future is Bright

Boone Hospital Center begins taking the necessary steps to become an independent hospital by 2021.

Behind the Scenes

An intimate look at Mid-Missouri’s community-driven music scene through the eyes of Bussen Productions.

estate planning

What’s Your Plan

Take a few pointers from these financial and estate planning professionals to be prepared for the future.

End of an Era

Columbia’s longest-serving mayor, Darwin Hindman, has left a lasting legacy in our community that won’t soon be forgotten.

Sporting Around Columbia

It is Zach Franklin’s job to find sporting events that would be a good fit for Columbia, to sell the city, and then to bring them here.


Initial Attraction, Lasting Affection

It was much less complicated when Calibration Technologies Inc. first started 15 years ago.

A Minimum Increase

As Missouri raises its minimum wage over the course of the next four years, business owners are already feeling the effects.

Let’s Pay It Off Together

A couple years ago, in an effort to better recruit and retain talent at hard-to-fill…

Parking Spaces & Places

Employee parking downtown may not be ideal, but is it really the problem everyone thinks it is?

In Focus: Equal Pay. It’s Complicated.

The fight for equal pay isn’t having the effect on closing the gap that it used to.

Milking a Partnership Seven Years in the Making

Northwest Medical Isotopes LLC scouted out more than a dozen locations around the United States…

True/False Film Fest Aims for Zero-Waste

Each year, the True/False Film Fest can be counted on to draw tens of thousands…