Paul tuckley

Outside the Box

Bernie McDonald and Paul Tuckley step outside their comfort zones to embrace adventure.

Forged in Community Service

Matt Moore and Joe Miller find friendship and fun while giving back.

End of an Era

Columbia’s longest-serving mayor, Darwin Hindman, has left a lasting legacy in our community that won’t soon be forgotten.

To Build or Not to Build: Part 2

Local experts provide insight on financing your home construction.

A Black and Gold Tradition

It’s an American tradition, beloved by many. David Smith, Dave Griggs, Sarah Dubbert, Jeff Windett, and Paul Showers dish about their tailgating obsessions.

Sporting Around Columbia

It is Zach Franklin’s job to find sporting events that would be a good fit for Columbia, to sell the city, and then to bring them here.

To Build or Not to Build: Part 1

For many, a home will be the largest purchase they ever make. When looking into purchasing a house, the question “should I build?” often comes up.

Beyond the Arena

Tanner Mills, Julie Dorn, and Jason Sutherland take what they learned from their athletic carerer at Mizzou and apply it to the professional world.

Life’s a Pitch

The Boone softball team was put together in 1989 as a social group and stress relief from the rigors of work at Boone Hospital Center.


Initial Attraction, Lasting Affection

It was much less complicated when Calibration Technologies Inc. first started 15 years ago.


Standing for Schools

How Columbia’s educational unions are advocating for better education.

Women Who Run

Women Who Run

Why do so few women run for office when they win as often as or more often than men?