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Dr Brian Yearwood and Mathew Gass

Increasing Access to Healthcare to Boost Student Success

Children can only learn if their basic needs are taken care of and they are…

Orchids and Art Custom Framing

Paired Interests

Kelly and Carrie Coalier build a family business while building their family.

Columbia Senior Activity Center Lunchroom

New Adventures Await

Creating a space for seniors to make connections and continue learning at the Columbia Senior Activity Center.

Happy Link

An Essential Link

Trotting down the halls of the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital, Link the therapy dog…


The Ever-Evolving Artist

Martin Pope is an artist who grew up in Columbia. He graduated from Rock Bridge…


Pole Dancing: More Than a Workout

Muse Pole Fitness started in 2012 with one pole in owner Jordan Mazur’s living room…

Tender Loving Pet Care

Since 2015, The Spay Neuter Project has performed more than 22,000 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries in…


Beautifying the Community

The Loop began its street art project back in 2021. “I went back to my…