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Leadership in Hard Times

Leadership has never been tougher. Few want to assume the responsibility of leading a tee ball…


Teach a Man to Fish

Most of us have heard the saying: “Give a man a fish, you feed him…


Full STEAM Ahead

Like a lot of Columbia residents, Ruby Abdul came to town to attend MU. She…


Take Me to the River

If you ask Richard King what he was thinking when he was invited to buy…

Something to (Trash) Talk About

The city of Columbia launches a new trash and recycling program amid roll cart controversy.

Children Are the Future

The mission of MU Health Care is simply stated: To save and improve lives. Achieving…

Small But Mighty

Every year, the Columbia Chamber of Commerce honors businesses of 25 employees or fewer for…

A Community of Eclectic Talents

Think “North Village Arts District” and visions of galleries, artists, and musicians come to mind.…

REDI, Set, Go!

Redi sign in Regional Economic Development Inc. office

Two Roads Converged in the Woods

Convergence Financial pulls together multiple services, creating a single, smooth financial path for its clients who don’t have to travel it alone.

If We Renovate It, They Can Stay

“A few years ago, Columbia residents Chuck and Michelle Dobbins started talking about getting older…