Plan 529: Not Just for College

Misconceptions — and even an aura of intrigue — often color conversations about the MOST…

We Should Start a Band

From the moment the words “we should start a band” were uttered, a series of events followed suit.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Matt Schacht’s filmmaking career was sparked in ninth grade history class, before the digital age,…


The Kids Are Alright

For the musically inclined student, Darkroom Records is the ultimate extracurricular activity. Launched in the…


Take Me to the River

If you ask Richard King what he was thinking when he was invited to buy…

Climate Change Challenges

Columbia makes progress through the city’s Climate Action and Adaptability Plan.

Something to (Trash) Talk About

The city of Columbia launches a new trash and recycling program amid roll cart controversy.

Growing Wild: From Invasive to Native

How to identify invasive plants and restore a natural habitat.

Navigating the Storm

Nurses are used to a fast-paced, constantly changing, and stressful environment, but COVID-19 has challenged…

A Dose of COVID News

If the ubiquitous face covering is the forever symbol of 2020, will the vaccine syringe…

The Green Light

For many decades, marijuana has carried negative connotations built on misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric. Only…

Children Are the Future

The mission of MU Health Care is simply stated: To save and improve lives. Achieving…