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The New COU

Columbia Regional Airport is moving east as it works to boost its regional presence, but it’s not moving far — just enough to get plans for a six-year, $27.8 million airfield transformation off the ground.

A Taste of Nuclear Medicine

As drugs go, technetium-99m has a relatively low public profile. Neither technetium-99m — called Tc-99m…

Leading the Field

Teaching the business side of sports

MU Competes with Free

Interest continues to rise for MU’s distance degree programs.

Bang! Boom! Pow!

Year-round or not, fireworks stores are a Fourth of July business.

Money, Medicine & Meeting Demand

As new models of care emerge and the market expands, local hospitals and companies seek to simplify and supply.

Annexed Underground

The city prepares for expansion along its northeast and western boundaries.

Local author Laura McHugh debuts The Weight of Blood

Columbia author Laura McHugh turns a corner with her debut novel, The Weight of Blood.…

Money And The Web

Amidst a changing industry, alternative services spur banks to innovate

Big banks host back-office operations

Regional back-office banking operations based in Missouri’s backyard

Holidays are about philanthropy for the Wolfe and Staples families

From the oldest siblings to the youngest in the bunch, Columbia families are teaching their…

Columbia businesses lighten power load

A number of local businesses have become more energy efficient, in light of City initiatives.