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Construction of Memorial Union, 1925-1926 (Courtesy of University of Missouri)

The History of the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri was established just over 182 years ago, and it remains a…


The Kids Are Alright

For the musically inclined student, Darkroom Records is the ultimate extracurricular activity. Launched in the…

The Journey Toward Clean Energy

Renew Missouri lobbies to bring renewable energy to a state lacking in solar and wind power.

The Green Light

For many decades, marijuana has carried negative connotations built on misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric. Only…

Paths to Success: Where are they now?

Paths to Success: Where Are They Now?

Over the past three decades, the University of Missouri Athletic Department has witnessed significant growth…

LIVE! From the Lockdown

Columbia singer Symonne Sparks remembers her last concert she performed in before the COVID-19 pandemic…