city of columbia

Parking Spaces & Places

Employee parking downtown may not be ideal, but is it really the problem everyone thinks it is?

Post-Bubble Burst

Commercial construction rebounds, but needs skilled workers.

An Empty Lot in the District Shows Promise

After a lengthy cleanup process and years of vacancy, will the City of Columbia and Ameren reach an agreement on a North Village Arts property?

Women of Excellence Finalists – Public Service

The Women of Excellence awards celebrate exceptional Columbia businesswomen in eight categories — education, finance,…

John Glascock, City of Columbia, Interim City Manager

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2019’s 20 Under 40: José Caldera, City of Columbia

José Caldera Assistant City Counselor, City of Columbia Age: 35 José Caldera’s story is one…

2019’s 20 Under 40: Randy Cole, City of Columbia

Randy Cole Housing Programs Manager, City of Columbia Age: 39 The Columbia Community Land Trust…

Partners in Education Enriches CPS and the Community

The Columbia chapter’s mission statement: The Columbia Public School District’s Partners in Education program provides…

Columbia: Then and Now

Boy, how things have changed! Take a look at Columbia, then and now.

Annexed Underground

The city prepares for expansion along its northeast and western boundaries.