Art & Culture

We Are One

Dancer leaps in air in Columbia African percussion and dance club

Antiques collage, including furniture, cabinets, wardrobe, dresser, and clock

A Game of Chance and Experience

Sitting on a shelf on the second floor of a small shop on Ninth Street…

Kay Brothers band photo in cornfield

Immersive Connections

The Kay Brothers use live streams to connect with fans during the pandemic.

Portraits with a Voice

With the rise of extremism and violence following the 2016 election, Valérie Berta decided enough…

Lattes Made with Love

Than Drage uses espresso and milk as a way to enjoy community through creativity and camaraderie.

To Plant a Seed

A look into the inspiration behind the GreenHouse Theatre Project’s performances.

Finding Your Roar

Author Aaron Fox releases a new children’s book.

Alex George

An Open Book

Alex George dishes on life as an author, bookshop owner, festival founder, and world traveler.

Stamp Out the Stigma

Look Around Boone uses art to engage youth in the conversation on mental health.

Stop It – You’re Kiln Me

Jeff Ferguson explores the technicality of pottery.

A Well-Built Business

Emmett Russell moves to Columbia in hopes of turning his metalworking dreams into reality.

A Little Something Special

Handbag designer Melanie Henry brings her craft to the Columbia art scene.