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We Should Start a Band

From the moment the words “we should start a band” were uttered, a series of events followed suit.

Flavors from the East

Hong Kong Market finds a new home closer to downtown Columbia.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Money wrapped with bow

Living room in the Coleman house

An Entertainer’s Oasis

Adonica Coleman is an entertainer at heart. Owner and founder of A2D Events, she plans, designs, hosts, and, along with her husband, emcees a myriad of events. Her clever themes and careful preparation render the gatherings unforgettable. When it comes to her home, Adonica pays the same attention to details. Her curated décor items and flawless color palettes bring refined ambiance to everyday living.

Home Away From Home

Whether you’ve dreamed of vacationing in Estes Park, North Carolina, or Costa Rica, these local couples would love to share their second homes with you.

Lakeside Retreat

Kent and Rebecca Willett transform their farmhouse into a modern residence with a lake view and ample space for their family.