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The Chronicles of My Financial Misadventures

The Chronicles of My Financial Misadventures

  • "The Chronicles of My Financial Misadventures" originally appeared in the October 2023 finance issue of COMO Magazine.
Kim Ambra

Ah, finances – 

the word that strikes fear into the hearts of budgeting-challenged individuals like me. I’ve danced with budgets, tiptoed through spreadsheets, and tried to make sense of investment jargon, all while feeling like I stumbled into a calculus class with a crayon in hand. Allow me to share a few of my financial fiascos.

Budgeting? What’s that?

Attempting to stick to a budget is like trying to herd cats. The moment I set a budget, it is as if the universe conspires against me to make it disappear. That meticulously planned grocery list? Mysteriously transformed into a cart overflowing with gourmet cheese and exotic fruits, all of which I convince myself are essential for my survival. Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board … Amirite?! Budget? What budget? I’m single-handedly keeping the local cheese counter in business!

The Great Receipt Rebellion

I decided to become a responsible adult I needed to save all my receipts so I could track my spending. Little did I know my wallet wasn’t prepared for the rebellion that followed. The ever-growing stack of crumpled paper waged a war against me. I had receipts everywhere … literally falling out of my opened car door. I quickly realized that merely saving the receipts did not really get you anywhere unless you were doing something with said receipts. Which I was not — so that war was quickly over. But an “A” for effort. 

Investing: Lost in Translation

This part ends quickly, so don’t blink here. There were a few days in my life that I thought I would investigate investing. I felt like “stock” was a word that I should be introducing into my adult language. When I realized that I was close to purchasing stock solely because it had a cute logo and a catchy name … I realized maybe that’s not for everyone. 

Credit Card Capers

Credit cards, those plastic temptresses! They lull you into a false sense of financial security with their shiny veneer and cashback rewards. For emergencies only. That is what I was told. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself explaining how a new winter coat was an emergency. In my defense, it was winter and very cold. That was my first and last credit card. 

In conclusion, my financial journey has definitely been an adventure! I’ve come to embrace the comedy of it all. Life’s too short to fret over every penny. So, if you find yourself in the same budgeting boat, remember to laugh at your financial foibles, learn from your mistakes, and keep your sense of humor intact. At the end of the day the bills are paid, and I live an incredible life.

All jokes aside, we have some incredible resources in our community available to help you with whatever side of the budgeting world you live in. I admire you planners and savers! But if anyone wants to book a trip tonight, with a flight that leaves tomorrow, and we figure out the rest of it when we get there — call me!

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