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From Plates to Pages

From Plates to Pages

  • "From Plates to Pages" originally appeared in the December 2023 food and drink issue of COMO Magazine.
Kim Ambra

As I sit down to introduce this edition of COMO Magazine and COMO Business Times, I am filled with an immense sense of gratitude and excitement. This issue is a celebration of the pillars that form the foundation of our lives — food, drink, local businesses, and community. In these pages, we embark on a journey that not only explores the delicious world of flavors but also pays homage to the heartbeat of our neighborhoods — the local businesses that make them unique and the communities that bring them to life.  

Our team has curated a collection of stories that highlight the symbiotic relationship between food and community. In a world that often feels fast paced and interconnected, we find solace in the communal rituals of breaking bread together, whether it’s at a cherished local eatery or in the comfort of our homes. This issue is a testament to the idea that food is not just sustenance; it is a cultural currency that binds us all.  

We kick off this issue with a spotlight on one of the unsung heroes of our neighborhoods — Meals on Wheels — a nonprofit organization that stands as a beacon of compassion and support for vulnerable individuals in our communities. At its core, this organization goes beyond delivering nutritious meals to seniors and homebound individuals; it delivers a lifeline of connection and care. Meals on Wheels embodies the true spirit of neighborly love, offering not just sustenance but also a reminder that, even in challenging circumstances, no one should face hunger alone.  

We were able to feature, meet, and connect with a few local establishments such as Eclipse Catering, Top Ten Wines, G&D Steakhouse, G&D Pizzeria, and Six Mile Ordinary; as well as look into the stories behind the names on menus at many of favorite local restaurants. These establishments are the lifeblood of our community.

In an era dominated by global chains, we celebrate the passion, dedication, and unique stories that define these local gems. We invite you to join us in supporting and celebrating the businesses that give our neighborhoods their distinct character.  

We asked our readers for their favorite local menu items and boy did they respond! Find this list of local favorites in The Last word on page 66.

As you flip through the pages of this issue, I encourage you to savor not just the flavors on the plate but also the stories woven into every bite. Let us celebrate the richness of our community, the diversity of our local businesses, and the unifying force of food and drink.  

Here’s to the tapestry of flavors that makes our lives deliciously unique and the communities that make them whole.  


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