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2022 20 under 40: Mark Hoehne

2022 20 under 40: Mark Hoehne

  • Photo by Charles Bruce III

Police Officer, Columbia Police Department

Age: 38


n his tenure with the Columbia Police Department, Officer Mark Hoehne has affected approximately 700 DWI arrests.

Mark was assigned to the DWI unit in March of 2016, where he works closely with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers by speaking at the victim impact panels they offer to offenders. “This allows me to reach out to the public and ask for their help in making sure family and friends drive the appropriate speed, put their phones down, wear seatbelts, and do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” Mark says. 

He also assists with public events such as parades and outreach opportunities. “When interacting with the public during my shifts, I try very hard to make sure that the interactions I have are professional, polite, and relaxed as best as they can be,” Mark says.

As a result of his efforts, Mark has been honored with DWI Hero of the Year, the Duane D. Pace award, People Saving People, and other awards for his continuing work in DWI enforcement. 

“I have known few officers in my career with the drive, passion, and dedication Officer Hoehne demonstrates each day he comes to work,” says Officer Bradley Wolf. “When I work alongside him, I learn something new. His attention to detail is something that has assisted current officers as well as new officers in all facets of the job. His dedication to his craft makes him an expert in the field of DWI enforcement. Without question, Officer Hoehne has made me a better person and an even better police officer.”

A typical shift for Mark includes handling emails and paperwork, along with taking calls for service. He’s out patrolling the streets in Columbia at night, enforcing traffic laws, looking for impaired drivers, assisting patrol officers, and assisting other law enforcement agencies in the area. He is also the DWI training instructor for Lincoln University’s Police Academy and the field training officer for the DWI portion of the Columbia Police Department’s field training.

Mark’s guiding values include being respectful, kind, and empathetic while working hard and looking for ways to grow. “I determined these through my faith, upbringing, and raising my own family,” he says.

Fun Fact: Mark can play the organ and piano, and he can sing.

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