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Impact COMO 2021

This past year continued to provide unexpected opportunities for innovation in the ways our local…

Deck the Halls

The scene is so tranquil that it appears surreal. Looking out the picturesque windows of…

Branson or Bust

A hometown girl’s guide to the best attractions in the Springfield-Branson area.

10 Tips for Cultivating a Joy-Filled Life

Beth Bramstedt shares suggestions for putting a bounce in your step and a smile on your face this spring.

2020 20 Under 40: De’Vion Moore

2020’s 20 Under 40: Meet De’Vion Moore, Principal, Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary, Columbia Public Schools.

2020 20 Under 40: Secily Devese

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Secily Devese, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Veterans United Home Loans.

2020 20 Under 40: Geoff Karr

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Geoff Karr, Vice President, Business Banking Manager, Landmark Bank.

2020 20 Under 40: Heather Brown

2020’s Class of 20 Under 40: Meet Heather Brown, Strategic Partnership Officer, Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital.

2020 20 Under 40: Laura Gerding

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Laura Gerding, Corporate Communications Strategist,
Missouri Employers Mutual.

2020 20 Under 40: Megan Sievers

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Megan Sievers, Development Director, Welcome Home Inc.

2020 20 Under 40: Taylor Bacon & Kyle Cook

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Taylor Bacon & Kyle Cook, co-owners of Hitt Records.

2020 20 Under 40: Annette Triplett

2020’s 20 Under 40 Class: Meet Annette Triplett, Chief Executive Officer, PedNet Coalition.