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Pouring Excellence: Take a Spirited Trip

Pouring Excellence: Take a Spirited Trip

  • "Pouring Excellence" originally appeared in the May 2024 "Weekender" issue of COMO Magazine.
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Discovering Missouri’s Distillery Trail.

Embark on a spirited escapade along the far-reaching paths of the Missouri Distillery Trail. Meander through the picturesque landscapes of Missouri, where each distillery boasts its unique blend of tradition and innovation. From tucked-away artisanal operations to bold, boundary-pushing craft distilleries, every stop promises a taste of the state’s vibrant distilling culture. 

From rustic, family-run operations to sleek, modern distilleries pushing the boundaries of flavor, each stop offers a fresh perspective on the art and science of crafting fine spirits. Every sip tells a story, and every pour is an invitation to explore. Raise a glass. Cheers to the discoveries that await!  

Blacksmith Distillery 

Lohman, Missouri

Forged Tradition, Crafted Today

Five years ago, Blacksmith Distillery emerged as a weekend endeavor, rooted in family tradition and a passion for quality spirits. Today, this nano-distillery is a regional favorite, distributing to fifty-plus locations across Missouri through its self-distribution model. Offering custom labeling for events and weddings, alongside handcrafted spirits, Blacksmith’s signature Snow Day wheat bourbon, aged two to three years and finished with Brazilian amburana oak and yellow birch staves, is celebrated for its smooth complexity and rich flavor. 

Founder favorites like Stagg Jr and William Larue Weller underscore the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and transparency, ensuring each sip tells a story of dedication and skill. 

Old Ozarkian Distillery

Union, Missouri 

Heritage in Every Sip 

Established in 2017, Old Ozarkian Distillery is a family-operated venture steeped in centuries of distilling tradition. Managed by Jonathan Downard, whose lineage traces back to a 1790s Pennsylvania distillery, the ethos of “field to glass” is paramount, with spirits crafted from non-GMO heirloom corns. The Spiritorium, reminiscent of an old-time industrial distillery crossed with a general store, offers a relaxed setting for tastings and retail sales, where guests can immerse themselves in stories of distillation history and family heritage. 

Open Saturdays and offering private tastings by appointment, Old Ozarkian invites enthusiasts to savor the flavors of its celebrated single barrel whiskey, bourbon, and liqueurs, ensuring each visit is a journey through time and taste. 

Bone Hill View Distillery LLC

Buckner, Missouri 

Unique Spirits with Local Flavor 

With a friendship spanning three decades, the owners of Bone Hill View Distillery are inspired by their shared passion for spirits and local lore as they set out to create something distinctive. Using sweet sorghum syrup instead of molasses, the liquors offer a unique twist on traditional rum. From classic original recipes to bold flavors like oak finished, spiced, maple, hazelnut coffee, and PB&J, Bone Hill View Distillery boasts a diverse array of offerings. 

Seasonal delights like strawberry and blackberry liquors add freshness, while ready-to-drink cocktails such as the popular Bloody Bill — a bloody Mary — and Apple-Pie — ideal for fall — provide convenience without sacrificing quality. The owners hope to engage customers in their story, from the choice of sweet sorghum to the inspiration drawn from a local landmark. 

Personal favorites include the Bloody Bill and cherry limeade, reflecting commitment to crafting innovative and delicious libations that capture the spirit of their community. 

Edelbrand Pure Distilling

Defiance, Missouri 

Legacy in Missouri’s Smallest Distillery

Marking its tenth anniversary, Edelbrand Pure Distilling, the smallest distillery in Missouri, was founded in 2014 by Martin Weber, Lynn DeLean-Weber, and Tess D. Waldron, dedicated to reviving Swiss distilling traditions on their Missouri farm. With three copper pot stills, they meticulously handcraft unaged brandies and bierbrands renowned for their nuanced flavors from whole fruit mashes. 

Their vinars da péra, a Double Gold winner, is a standout. Collaborating with Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, bierbrands without bitterness are offered. Versatile and smooth, their spirits invite exploration, from neat sipping to cocktail crafting. As warmer months approach, trying their pear brandy over chilled Prosecco for a refreshing pre-dinner treat embodies the spirit of celebration at Edelbrand Pure Distilling. 

While exploring Missouri craft distilleries, one will discover the legacy of this nano distillery — proud of its reputation and extending an invitation to experience its spirits firsthand. 

Hermann Farm Distillery 

Hermann, Missouri 

Crafting Heritage Spirits 

Since 2018, Hermann Farm Distillery has honored Missouri’s heritage on the historic Hermann Farm, owned by the Dierberg Educational Foundation. Producing three distinct product lines — Hermann Farm Distillery, Black Shire Distillery, and Polly’s Still — the distillery offers a full range of spirits, with whiskies and flavored whiskies as customer favorites. Owned by Jim and Mary Dierberg, who also oversee businesses in Hermann and California, Hermann Farm Distillery reflects their commitment to excellence and historical preservation. 

Guests are invited to experience the charm of their historic properties while enjoying modern craftsmanship. Personal favorites include the Rasche Rye and Spring Gin, showcasing the region’s flavors and traditions. Hermann Farm Distillery aims to leave guests impressed with its spirits and with a deeper appreciation for Hermann’s heritage. 

Mean Mule Distilling Co. 

Kansas City, Missouri 

Tradition with Modern Flair 

Mean Mule Distilling Co., located in Kansas City, Missouri, is a family-owned venture specializing in agave spirits. Founded by Jeff and Meg Evans, along with Meg’s brother, Tyler Gloe, the distillery draws from a rich heritage spanning more than 200 years in distillation. Inspired by Meg’s family legacy and their upbringing in Missouri’s wine country, they craft unique spirits from organic blue weber agave sourced from Jalisco, Mexico. Offerings include Silver, Gold, and Heritage American Agave Spirits, as well as a rare agave-based gin. 

Mean Mule prioritizes providing a distinct tasting experience and innovative cocktails, blending tradition with modern flair. Visitors can enjoy guided tastings during open hours to explore the depth and variety of the spirits firsthand. 

Restless Spirits Distilling Company

Kansas City, Missouri 

Irish Spirit, American Soul 

Founded in 2014 by Benay and Mike Shannon, Restless Spirits Distilling Company is a family-owned Irish-style craft distillery in North Kansas City. Featuring the iconic 500-gallon copper pot still, “Darby O’Still,” the distillery opened its tasting room in 2015, showcasing its dedication to quality production. Producing a diverse range of spirits, including Builders Gin and Stone Breaker Whiskey, Restless Spirits has garnered acclaim, earning Missouri Distillery of the Year accolades since its inception. 

Visitors enjoy tours on Saturdays, witnessing production firsthand and connecting with the Irish-inspired ambiance. With a commitment to excellence in both spirits and service, Restless Spirits Distilling Company invites everyone to discover their Irish soul in an American spirit and carry their stories wherever they go. Whether it’s a Gullytown Old Fashioned or a Builders Margarita, there’s a spirit to suit every mood and occasion at Restless Spirits. 

Of The Earth Distillery 

Richmond, Missouri 

Authentic Farm-to-Glass Spirits 

Nestled on a picturesque farm since 2011, Of The Earth Farm Distillery epitomizes craftsmanship and authenticity. Specializing initially in apple brandy, it takes a hands-on approach, meticulously mashing, fermenting, and distilling whole fruits to capture the essence of their land. Using a traditional pot still and aging their spirits in Missouri white oak barrels for a minimum of two years, each batch reflects the rich flavors of their terroir. Expanded offerings include grappa, gins, liqueurs, and specialty creations, all showcased in an intimate tasting room by appointment. 

Patrons enjoy a sensory journey through fifteen distinct spirits, with the signature apple brandy savored neatly and the barrel-rested grappa offering a smooth and nuanced alternative. In every sip, Of The Earth Distillery invites enthusiasts to discover the true essence of the farm and partake in a tradition deeply rooted in artisanal distilling. 

Tall Pines Distillery 

Noel, Missouri 

Craft Memories 

Inspired by a Pennsylvania distillery, Tara and Joe Cook founded Tall Pines Distillery on their Missouri farm, debuting in January 2020. Despite global challenges, they now offer more than eighteen unique flavors and immersive tours. Favorites like huckleberry lemonade and blackberry peach margarita grace the cocktail menu, with upcoming events through a partnership with Ticketmaster adding allure. 

Exceptional customer service and personalized experiences ensure returning guests, while employee favorites like spicy margaritas add to the appeal. As a family-owned operation, Tall Pines Distillery takes pride in crafting spirits from grain to glass, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and using natural springs and limestone. It was the first legal distillery in McDonald County, Missouri, since prohibition, embodying dedication to tradition and innovation. At Tall Pines Distillery, every sip is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

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