Columbia MO

900 I-70 Drive Southwest

Cultural historians have claimed that Howard Johnson became synonymous with travel in America during the…

How Columbia Compares

How the city measures performance and efficiency — and why it even matters.

Power House: Columbia’s Water & Light Advisory Board

Operating as the go-between for the Columbia Water and Light Department and the Columbia City Council, the appointed members of the Water and Light Advisory Board have more on their plates than reading reports and making suggestions.

Annexed Underground

The city prepares for expansion along its northeast and western boundaries.

2014 Chamber Showcase

Afterburner describes flawless execution as a strategy of business leadership that focuses on improvement through a cycle of planning, briefing, executing and debriefing among all levels of management.

Building Up? Or Holding Back?

Now just another university dorm, 50 years ago the eight-story Manor House apartment building at…

901 E. Broadway

THE NORTHEAST CORNER of Broadway and Ninth Street has a long history in the financial…