Book covers of: Total Money Makeover, Thou Shall Prosper, and From Paycheck To Purpose Books

Invest in Yourself

COMO’s publisher shares her favorite finds that have helped her along her personal financial journey.

Kim Ambra

The Chronicles of My Financial Misadventures

Kim Ambra, Editor of COMO Magazine discusses the chronicles of her financial misadventures.

Stock photo of team going over annual budget

School Budgeting

A Glimpse into Columbia Public Schools’ Budget Development Process.

Exterior Shot Of Columbia Missouri City Hall

New Fiscal Year, New Pay Philosophy

De’Carlon Seewood discusses new pay philosophy in Columbia.

Madison Wisconsin

What’s Possible?

Insights from leaders and innovation in Madison, Wisconsin.

Chicken and Dijon Mushroom Sauce

Cookin With Hoss: Dijon Mushroom Sauce

Although the weather doesn’t always seem to be in agreement, fall is just around the…

Single Engine Plane in Sky

Inspiring Greatness Throughout CPS

In August, we gathered all of our nearly 3,000 employees together for the first time…

Kim and her daughter on graduation day from Missouri State University

I am (mostly) thankful for the lessons

I feel like every year when the kids go back to school is like a…

Group of school children running through walkway with backpacks and lunch sacks.

Back-to-School Memories: My lifelong transformation

As the back-to-school season rolls around, my mind always drifts back to my own educational…

Billy The Goat Following A Young And Sassy Kim Ambra Down The Driveway At Wagon Wheel Ranch

Growing up on Wagon Wheel Ranch

Editor-In-Chief, Kim Ambra highlights ranch life for a city girl and the shenanigans that come along with it.

Agriculture student interacting with livestock

Agriculture and Columbia Public Schools

Dr. Brian Yearwood discusses agriculture and Columbia Public Schools.

School Kids

Supporting Public Schools is Good Business

Dr. Brian Yearwood discusses the district’s Partners in Education program which has provided an avenue for more than 250 Columbia businesses to be actively engaged in our schools.