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True/False Tips from an Introvert

True/False Tips from an Introvert

COMO’s editor-in-chief shares her tips and tricks for enjoying True/False Film Fest as an introvert.

How many years of True/False do you have to attend to feel like a pro? I’m not sure, but I think it might be different for everyone. For me, I felt like a semi-pro this year, and it was only my second year. 

Attending True/False Film Fest for the first time last year was quite the intimidating process. However, I learned many valuable tips for how to make the fest more enjoyable for me as an introvert. I used those tips this year and wanted to share them with you. 

Take advantage of Sunday!

Crowds are most definitely not my thing, so I try and avoid them at all costs. It’s because of this that I learned to value the last day of the fest. By Sunday, many fest goers have seen the majority of their films and will set aside Sunday for fewer films or no films at all. There are also fewer activities for attendees to go to. And let’s not forget the travelers who will often leave early on Sunday to make their flights home.

While I wait in line for my films, I hear people talking about the long lines earlier in the weekend that wrapped around buildings and flooded into streets and just smile. The queues I see are only about 30 people deep. I can handle that.

Engage with friends when and where you want.

I love attending films by myself, but True/False really is more fun with friends. So, instead of going to films with friends, I meet up with them for ice cream, meals, drinks, and art exhibits. This gives us an opportunity to hang out and review the films we’ve seen without me feeling rude by not going to see the same films at the same times as them. I also end up doing more things downtown in between films than I would by myself, and I consider that a win.

Check out the VR Arcade!

The VR Arcade located in the Columbia Art League is a hidden treasure for introverts. It’s in a dark room where you have to squint to see people and everyone talks in hushed tones.

When it’s your turn to put on the VR headset, it’s as if you’re stepping into your own theater. The goggles come on and you control what you see. The headphones come on and the rest of the world disappears. With over five “films” to see, you can spend quite a bit of time enjoying your “movie for one” experience. 

Do you have tips I should keep in mind for next year? Share them with me! Email: [email protected] 

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