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Q&A: Hot Yoga with Nita Brooks

Q&A: Hot Yoga with Nita Brooks

How long have you been an instructor at Wilson’s?

I’ve been an instructor for eight years.

What’s your experience with hot yoga?

I started taking hot yoga about a year ago, and I began teaching when we opened the studio here.

What are your favorite things about hot yoga?

I love the restorative effects it has on my body. I’m very hard on my body because I teach eight classes a week and run several times. I love the way it warms me, lengthens me and, overall, gives me greater flexibility and helps restore my body.

What are some tips for first-time participants?

First, hydration is key before, during and after class because hot yoga causes you to sweat more than many exercise options. It’s important to prepare your body to be able to sweat and restore the liquids. Secondly, come into class looking for success. Start where you are and not where everyone else is. Give yourself room to grow. Success is individually defined. Look for success in every class.

What is the structure of the class?

I teach the 90-minute class called Hot Fusion. In this particular class, we introduce and warm the body. Then, we have a segment for strength and balance. It’s a really good section for growth. Every pose has many levels. Success is defined at whatever level you choose for the day. The second section is a vinyasa flow that creates a lot of heat and energy in the body. We move from pose to pose fairly quickly. It builds a lot of energy internally. A lot of people like to move to the music and feel the beats as they move. It’s my favorite part of the class. The third part is core strengthening and then lengthening. We finish with a reward, which is a shavasna, and absorb all the work you’ve done and find your success.

How much is hot yoga?

If you do a drop-in class, it’s $15 per class. My recommendation is to sign up for the Passport. I tell all the members it’s the best deal they’ll ever find. With a little bit a month, you have unlimited access to hot yoga and additional classes. After taking two classes, you’re paying more than if you had paid for the Passport.

Should I take a regular yoga class prior to hot yoga?

It might be good to learn the terms, but our instructors are really good at explaining the moves and the options to help participants find the place where they can start.

What are the health benefits of hot yoga?

For me, the No. 1 benefit is increased flexibility. Your muscles loosen and allow for more flexibility in the heat. There’s greater range of motion and flexibility. We also sweat more in hot yoga. Sweat aids your body in detoxing. The liver and kidneys are the detox system, but toxins are also flushed out through your sweat. It also increases circulation and blood flow to the skin, which helps your complexion. For me, I feel it’s an excellent stress relief above and beyond a regular yoga class. It lifts my spirit.

With the cold winter weather, what are some precautions about the class?

My recommendation for coming into the studio is to allow for 10 minutes before class when you can lie down on the map and allow your body to acclimate to the heat. Afterward, change out of your wet clothes, and bundle back up. Take the extra time, and bring the extra clothes.


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