Columbia City Council

City ARPA Funding Targets Homelessness, Affordable Housing

City Council will vote Monday to approve $25.2 million in funding Programs and projects to…

Digital Collage of Security Camera and Data Imagery

FUSUS: City Council will take another look

The crime-fighting Fusus video sharing platform that the Columbia City Council narrowly voted not to…

Columbia City Council agrees to “Ban the Box”

At the Dec. 1 Columbia City Council meeting, the council passed an amendment to create…

Counting Cars: A look at road fees

Could a trip generation model be the answer for a city that’s growing faster than its infrastructure can keep up?

Briefly in the News: May 1985

Airport to build second taxiway Columbia received a $702,000 federal grant to build a second…

How Columbia Compares

How the city measures performance and efficiency — and why it even matters.

Power House: Columbia’s Water & Light Advisory Board

Operating as the go-between for the Columbia Water and Light Department and the Columbia City Council, the appointed members of the Water and Light Advisory Board have more on their plates than reading reports and making suggestions.

Annexed Underground

The city prepares for expansion along its northeast and western boundaries.

Building Up? Or Holding Back?

Now just another university dorm, 50 years ago the eight-story Manor House apartment building at…

Briefly in the News: February

Chamber Showcase 2014 Be sure to purchase booth space to participate in this year’s Chamber…

Columbia City Council seeks to limit lengthy meetings

A recent meeting of the Columbia City Council may have established the all-time record for length. Would the 3 a.m. adjournment on Tuesday/Wednesday Sept. 3/4 qualify for entry into the Guinness Book of Records? Perhaps, or maybe at least a footnote as a runner-up.