CYSK: Erik & Karen Grossmann

Erik and Karen Grossmann talk about their first date and working together at Columbia Surgical Associates.

CYSK: Aric Jarvis & David Miller

20 Under 40 alumnus Aric Jarvis and David Miller talk about how they met and why they love being foster parents.

CYSK: Sarah Dresser & Kristofor Husted

Sarah Dresser and Kristofor Husted share about their jobs, favorite local activities, and what brought them to Columbia.

CYSK: Tim & Laura Gerding

Tim and Laura Gerding talk about their family, their free time, and their favorite fall activities.

Tracy and Beth arey

CYSK: Tracy & Beth Arey

Realtors Tracy & Beth Arey talk about their family and pushing each other to win in business.

CYSK: Munir Mohammad & Zee Avci

Munir Mohammad and Zee Avci, owners of Shortwave Coffee, Boone Olive Oil Co., and Fit X Femme, dish about what makes their relationship work.

CYSK: Mike Morgan & Carrie Bax

Mike Morgan and Carrie Bax share about their competitive nature and love of cycling.

Peter Callan

Peter Callan Senior Director of Talent, University of Missouri Health Care

What’s your background? I’ve spent almost 40 years in health care in the United Kingdom,…

janet moss socket

Strong Woman: Janet Moss

Socket’s manager of employee satisfaction talks about her family and how loss has shaped her.…

CYSK: Angelo and Elly Aslanidis

The owners of G & D Steakhouse talk about their week-long engagement and 44 years…

Wadi A. Rodriguez, Independent business benefit consultant,business process analyst

What’s your professional background? I have more than 15 years of experience as a business…

Jo Fey, Dean of Workforce Development and Technical Education, Moberly Area Community College

What’s your background? I grew up in Manhattan, Kansas, graduated from Baker University, and taught…