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CYSK: Kelley and Jake Frink

CYSK: Kelley and Jake Frink

Kelley and Jake Frink and their children

Kelley and Jake Frink talk about how they met, their favorite family traditions, and their children.

How did you meet?

Kelley: Biology class during our sophomore year of high school, but I knew his sisters from softball before that. We didn’t date much in high school, but ended up in the same co-ed dorm at MU.

Jake: This is up for debate: I say it was through a close mutual friend in junior high, but Kelley will say high school.

What was your first date?

K & J: We were 16 — no idea!

What’s unique about your relationship? 

J: I proposed in a tree stand on our family farm. Not many girls can say they had something that romantic!  

What keeps you busy during the week? 

K: Work and family. We have three young kids that keep us on our toes!

Tell us about your family.  

K: We have three wonderful kids: two boys and a girl. They teach us how to be better every day! Matthew, 10, Cameron, 7, and Addison, 4. Addison may be the littlest, but there is no doubt she is the boss of the boys! We also have an incredible support system of extended family nearby that are a very important part of our life.    

What’s your favorite memory together?

K: We took our first vacation without kids about a year ago. It was the first time since our honeymoon we had been on vacation together. It was great to get away and have time to connect.

J: Lots of fond memories come from camping trips to Wyoming, and many of Kelley’s “first” hunting and fishing moments in Missouri.  

What’s your favorite outdoor activity to do together? 

J: Anything outdoors: boating, hunting, fishing. We’re outdoor people.

What’s the key to a long-lasting relationship? 

K: Communication and trust. When you are honest and communicate with each other, everything is smoother!

J: It’s not a competition. That was a lesson I learned in a small group, and it’s been really helpful. Whether it be who went to the grocery store last or who went to happy hour last, it’s not a competition. But if it were, I would win.  

What is your favorite family tradition?  

K: We cut down our own Christmas tree from the Frink farm every year, and every year we overestimate the size of our living room, and it is quite the scene — think Chevy Chase and “Christmas Vacation.” We haven’t broken any windows, but it’s fallen over a time or two. Then, I love letting the kids go through the ornaments from over the years. Our tree is a mess of random homemade ornaments and colored lights. There’s no coordination or matching at our house!

J: Summer camping trips to Wyoming and deer season.

What is your partner’s best quality?  

K: He is an incredible support for me. He is laid back and easygoing, especially when it comes to some of my crazy ideas! He is also a great dad for our three kids — we are blessed to have him.

J: She has an incredible heart, she’s caring, and she’s driven. She keeps us moving forward as a family.

What’s your best financial advice for couples?

K: It’s so important to communicate and set goals you’re both on board with. Then remember to give grace — I don’t always understand the “need” behind all of his hunting purchases, and I’m sure he would say the same about some of the boxes that show up for me, and that’s OK!  

J: Live within your means and marry an accountant! 

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