CYSK: Mike Morgan & Carrie Bax

Mike Morgan and Carrie Bax share about their competitive nature and love of cycling.

The Economic Impact of Local Tourism

Bringing it to the local level, Boone County saw tourism expenditures exceeding $412 million dollars in FY2018, which supported over 11,000 jobs.

Promoting Self-Awareness through the Enneagram

Self-awareness, once a term reserved for counseling sessions and contemplatives, has now become a widely acknowledged aspect of effective leadership.

Governor Mike Parson … a Year Later

It’s been about a year since Mike Parson took over the governor’s office, but it’s been filled with enough activity to seem like a long time ago.

American Legion Post 202

American Legion Celebrates Centennial

This year, the American Legion celebrates 100 years of camaraderie. Posts all over the country,…

GM Expands in Wentzville

As often as not, something significant, with the potential to push everything else aside, will…


Networking Best Practices

Networking is integral to every business. You use networking, in part, to find new clients,…

Peter Callan

Peter Callan Senior Director of Talent, University of Missouri Health Care

What’s your background? I’ve spent almost 40 years in health care in the United Kingdom,…

Lil Vianello, Visionworks Marketing Group

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janet moss socket

Strong Woman: Janet Moss

Socket’s manager of employee satisfaction talks about her family and how loss has shaped her.…

CYSK: Angelo and Elly Aslanidis

The owners of G & D Steakhouse talk about their week-long engagement and 44 years…

Creating an Inclusive Culture

In my last piece for CBT, I spoke about how companies can improve their hiring…