Nonprofit Spotlight


Breaking Down Barriers Through Art

When you enter Jabberwocky’s fine arts studio on Grand Avenue, you will quickly find people…

Reinventing Public Access TV

For 17 years, Columbia Access Television has been a resource to help keep the public…

The Journey Toward Clean Energy

Renew Missouri lobbies to bring renewable energy to a state lacking in solar and wind power.

Sharing Food and Hope

Imagine your own monthly budget. You probably have expenses for fixed costs like mortgage payments…

Sharing Granny’s Love

There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love — or homemade cookies baked by your grandmother. It’s…

A Community of Eclectic Talents

Think “North Village Arts District” and visions of galleries, artists, and musicians come to mind.…

Growing, Loving, and Giving Back

Group of students listen at Young Life

Minority Men's Network Scholarship awards photo

A Time to Be Heard

“The Minority Men’s Network was born of the idea that the voices of our community…

Defending the Vulnerable

As a child, Columbia local Dr. Stephanie Logan could not have imagined where her life…

Growing a Community

As the summer sun continues to beam down, nature becomes the community’s best friend. The…

A Home for the Homeless

Turning Point Day Center works to provide critical services to those experiencing homelessness.

Once Lost, Now Found

Rotaract brings people together through service and socialization.