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The building is the story: A history of volunteerism at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts

On a blustery October morning, I met Marge Berchek at the entrance to Columbia’s historic…

TRYPS and PACE: Behind the scenes with children’s theater companies

Could Columbia become a pipeline through which local child actors make their way to Hollywood or Broadway?

Raising the grade: Women’s Policy Alliance works to improve the status of women

On a Wednesday morning, I met with Kristin Metcalf-Wilson, Tracy Greever-Rice and Nellie Symm-Gruender to…

Steady Hand, Artistic Vision: Jewelry maker Andrea Jira

*Artist Profile*Jewelry maker Andrea Jira creates bold pieces from materials ranging from silver to bronze, glass and fabric.

Columbia Builds Youth: Job Point program offers training for young adults

In May 2009, after Jammie Sauerbeck graduated from Columbia Builds Youth, a Job Point program…