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Kim James, New Village Wellness LLC

“I think the value to exploring any kind of ‘alternative medicine’ is that it generally…

Gina Butler, Acupuncture of Columbia Inc.

“The difference between Chinese and Western medicines is that Chinese medicine looks at the physical,…

Picture this: Tiger Turf’s 3-D landscape design draws clients

Marti Coats knew her yard needed to be landscaped, but she wasn’t sure what to…

Promotional products feed customer fondness for ‘free stuff’

*Promotional Products*Local companies feed customer fondness for free stuff

Commercial recycling lags residential use, market values for recyclables plummet

*Recycling*Commercial recycling remains lower than residential, while recyclable waste market plummets.

Farmers Market seeks pavilion contributions

When supporters of the Farmers Market began to plan a party marking the launch of…

Business Snapshot: Heartland Hydroponics

*Business Snapshot*Heartland Hydroponics owner Chris Daly’s change of heart leads to earthy business.

Risky Beesness: Beekeepers stung by mysterious colony collapses, harsh weather

Raising bees and harvesting their honey has become a tough business in mid-Missouri, as well as the rest of the country.

Kaleidoscope Videoconferencing makes meeting magic happen

Teleportation exists only in the imaginations of techies and Trekkies, but Kaleidoscope Videoconferencing has the next best thing that technology has to offer.
The Columbia-based business combines video communications systems with PCs, the Internet and multi-media devices to create customized conferences that allow multi-site, real-time interactive exchanges.

Local builders installing geothermal energy systems

*Geothermal Energy*Local developers and schools are installing geothermal energy to heat and cool.

CenturyTel joins local digital television competition

*TV Market:*CenturyTel joins local HDTV competition.

MU excels in workplace wellness

*Fit Friendly*MU honored for stepping up workplace workouts