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PURE plans to promote photography as art

*New Business Update*PURE Photography Gallery and Studio promotes photography as art.

Big Wig: Beauty supply store moves to larger Providence location

*New Business Update*AQ Beauty moves to a new location, offers wigs, hair products, make-up and more.

New Business Update: Hookah Lounge offers peaceful place to smoke

*New Business Update:*Ninth Street Hookah Lounge offers peaceful place to smoke downtown.

New Business Update: Missouri Children's Museum inspires learning and play

*New Business Update*The Missouri Children’s Museum caters to playbased learning.


Flashing neon lights, pinball machines and the sound of the Beach Boys on the radio welcome visitors as they enter Jim McCarter’s neon shop. The calendar pinned on the wall reads November 2009, but the atmosphere is retro, circa 1950. McCarter has been bending and repairing neon signs in the Midwest for nearly 40 years and started his own local business, Creative Neon, in 1988.

Visions of Earth: a travel and art photography exhibit

CBT Photo Editor Jennifer Kettler is showing her work from Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and…

French Laundry, a “green” dry cleaner

*Green Cleaner*Downtown Alterations moves to Peachtree Drive, adds dry cleaning service and changes name to French Laundry