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The Last Word: Health & Wellness

The Last Word: Health & Wellness

  • This story originally appeared in the January 2024 health and wellness issue of COMO Magazine.
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We asked our COMO staff: What do you do for your own personal health & wellness?

Kim Colwell-Ambra

Kim Ambra, Editor-in-Chief

It looks different every day! It may be an extra cup of coffee, time with friends and family, it almost always involves music, and sometimes it may be bellied up to the bar … I’m Fine, It’s Fine, We’re All Fine!! 

JJ Carlson

JJ Carlson, Director of Web Development

On a daily basis, I workout, read, journal, and go for a walk. Once per month, I go to a movie by myself.

Jordan Watts

Jordan Watts, Senior Designer & Design Team Lead

Rather than stressing over what I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” eat, I try to focus on what to add to my meals to make them satisfying and balanced. Eat what you want, add what you need.  

Becky Roberts

Becky Roberts, Account Manager

Walking in nature, slow mornings, quality time with friends/family, baths (like Epsom salt, spiked hot cocoa, candle, and a magazine kinda situation), sleep … remembering to feed myself on a regular basis.

Amanda Melton

Amanda Melton, Director of Account Services

I drink Busch Lights with friends, snuggle with my dogs on the regular, watch murder shows, and I also turn off all work notifications after hours and on weekends/holidays to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Jodie Jackson Jr

Jodie Jackson Jr, Digital Editor

Grounding myself by being in the moment. Unplugging the little blue screen in my hand. Simple, quiet, even very brief mindfulness. Take 5 minutes, 25 minutes, or several hours. Whatever is available; take advantage of the time. I love washing the dishes.

Sarah Hempelmann

Sarah Hempelmann, Account Manager

Blasting music and dancing while cleaning the house, dog snuggles, long walks, sleeping in.

Charles Bruce Sitting on a Mountain

Charles Bruce, Director of Sales

…. We aren’t really sure since at the time of press he is currently risking life and limb, trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest and to the summit of Island Peak in Nepal. Godspeed, Chuck! 

Kate Morrow - Graphic Designer - COMO Magazine

Kate Morrow, Creative Director 

I like to connect with my favorite people — even if it’s just sharing a funny video.

Erica Pefferman

Erica Pefferman, President & Publisher

I make a point to travel by myself somewhere for a few days minimum to reflect and reset. I spend that time journaling, reading, and relaxing in a
new space. 

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