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Pin With Caution

Pin With Caution

One of my favorite things about weddings now is how unique they all are. I love that couples are choosing to incorporate so many details that represent them. And I credit all of this creativity to one amazing source: Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest, you are my friend, and you are my foe. For better or worse, your pinning boards are the ones motivating us all to tackle amazing DIY jobs, such as making our own soap for favors or crafting paper flower bouquets. Pinterest has been amazing for today’s weddings, but I feel like it can be just another thing that will drive the sanest and most put-together bride to the edge of a cliff because the DIY craft that seems to be easy for others just won’t work for her. Trust me, brides. You are not alone.

I can’t tell you how many women invite me to their boards to see their months of planning and pinning in action. Don’t get me wrong; they are the most beautiful and thoughtful ideas. But let’s face it. You are getting married in a few months, and though it might seem far away right now, you’re going to blink, and it’s going to be your wedding day. I just can’t cope with seeing another sweet bride in tears because her grapevine balls look more like birds’ nests or her soap favors look more like glue than the beautiful pictures in her Pinterest dreams. So I’m going to share a few tips for all you brides out there pinning away.

Take it small and slow, and have realistic expectations of your time. And let’s not forget patience. Please don’t go out and buy 200 mason jars in an attempt to paint and bedazzle. Let’s start small. Try one first, and if it doesn’t turn out like the picture, you can laugh it off, maybe post a picture on Facebook or send in an article to Pinstrosity. Then pour yourself another glass of wine while you peruse Pinterest for your next project. Or, if your first attempt yields the most amazingly beautiful jars that ever lived, then go buy out every store in town, and start your Etsy business to help fund your newfound love of all things mason jars.

All I’m saying is to start small, and see how much time these projects take. Nothing is worse than not enjoying your friends and family who have come into town to celebrate you because you are red-eyed, delirious and covered in glitter. I promise you that, though these little details are wonderful and do enhance your big day, the most memorable thing for all of your guests will be your smiling face and the love that will shine between you and your fiancé.

I leave you with one final thought: Pin with wild abandon and a nice glass of Merlot; just pin to your wedding day boards with a clear mind, a good since of humor and a lot of caution.


Leanne Naeger is the sales director at Columbia Country Club. Although she is in charge of all tings sales, her true love is wedding planning. She has 12 years of experience, and she is your go-to girl when he puts a ring on it. From Pinterest to wedding trends and classic bridal dos and don’ts, Leanne has a wealth of knowledge to share.


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