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CMHS Staff Spotlight

CMHS Staff Spotlight

Jenny Romesburg: Foster and rescue coordinator

The Central Missouri Humane Society wouldn’t know what to do without the volunteering spirit of the community. One way to assist the shelter is to temporarily house animals that are in their care. CMHS has an extensive foster roster of individuals who take animals into their homes when kennels fill up or a furry resident needs a change of scenery due to health or behavioral reasons. Jenny Romesburg not only coordinates the foster program, but she also works to place CMHS residents with rescues across the United States.

What are the benefits of fostering with CMHS?

Jenny: I tell all of my foster parents that it is super rewarding and that you get to make a difference in the lives of these animals, even for a short period of time.

Do you foster CMHS residents?

Jenny: Oh, yes! [laughs] I love to foster kittens because my house is perpetually filled with these playful little guys, and in turn, I get to continually help out animals in need. Over the past four years, I’ve fostered more than 150 animals in my own home.

Is it easy to get involved with the foster program?

Jenny: Yes, it’s very simple. When you foster with CMHS, we give you everything you need: food, toys, cat litter, etc. It is a great experience for families as well. I tell all of my foster families that fostering isn’t a lifetime commitment, but it is a commitment to save a life.

Tell us about your rescue efforts.

Jenny: We currently have more than 500 rescues across the United States that we work with. We’ve sent animals as far as Arizona, New York and Minnesota. Last year, I broke my own record and sent more than 900 animals to rescue, which I’m very happy about.


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