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The Huletts to the Rescue

The Huletts to the Rescue

After six months of begging, Rylie and Ryan Hulett finally got their wish for a dog. The Hulett family wanted a dog that could grow up with the kids, and with their visits to the Humane Society, they found Duke, a German Shepard mix.

The Huletts visited the Humane Society many times before they found Duke. The first time they saw him, he was curled up in a ball; there was something about him that just drew the family to him. But when the Huletts came back to adopt Duke, he wasn’t there. The Human Society had taken him to PetSmart. When Karin Hulett, office manger of Hulett Heating, heard this, she said: “Call him, and tell him we’re on the way. No one else can have him.”

And that was that. The Huletts took Duke home, and he became part of the family. Duke fit right in with the kids, and even though his favorite toy is an antler, he also loves Rylie’s stuffed animals.

One of the family’s favorite activities is to play Frisbee with Duke outside. “He chases it for a while and then runs in frantic circle around the yard,” Karin says. “It is great to see all of his freedom.”

Duke may have a lot of energy, but the Hulett family also loves the quiet times. “I like loving him,” Rylie says. Duke will snuggle up between Rylie and Ryan in the couch and just relax. It’s moments like these that made the adoption worth it.


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