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Silly Sally

Silly Sally

No pests, just pets

There is a certain void that animal-lovers know only a dog can fill. For the Thoroughman family, they knew the loss of their 15-year-old beloved family pet meant another one would eventually have to join the clan. Isabel and Clara took the matter into their own hands. It took a few months of begging their father, Kent, before a trip to the Humane Society successfully ended with a new dog.

Sally, the German Shepard/Rottweiler mix, intuitively became part of the family and befriended Pepper, the Thoroughman’s other dog whom they had welcomed into their house five years before.

“She latched onto Emily [Thoroughman] early on,” Kent says. “She’s become a mama’s dog, but I’m told Rottweilers have that trait.”

“She paid close attention to what we did,” Emily says. “If we all stood up, she stood up. If we all sat down, she sat down. She understood how to be part of the family. Within hours of being home, she was already playing fetch with Clara.”

If she really wanted to, Sally could snack right along with the rest of the family. Her food palate consists of favorites, such as bacon, popcorn and steak. And she even knows the sound the cabinet makes that houses the hot air popper.

Along with her food quirks, Sally has an unusual interest in stealing socks; instead of chewing them, she just carries them around the house with her. “I’m just glad it’s not underwear,” Emily says.

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