Who is ZZ Ward?

# of visits to Columbia: It’s my first time! Favorite things to do in Columbia:…

Furry Friends

How cute are these cute critters that were at the Match-A-Thon? No Kill Columbia found…

By the Numbers: November

There’s more to keeping the peace than police. Juries, juvenile detention centers, lawyers and more play a part in law and justice.

Apple’s fingerprint scanner causes scare

Biometric fingerprint scanner poses technological and legal questions.

A Closer Look: November

A quick look at emerging companies in November.

Amusement parks hold promise for Columbia

Although the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department and an equally abundant number of privately funded recreation venues are lauded in general for what they provide, the theme and tenor of these conversations among parents veers into what isn’t here.

Missouri Task Force 1’s Kent Cunningham

1. What is Missouri Task Force 1? MOTF-1 is an urban search and rescue task…

MU Museum of Art and Archaeology moves to Mizzou North

Officials prepare Mizzou North to house MU’s Museum of Art and Archaeology and Museum of Anthropology

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri feeds the hungry

The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri

Les Bourgeois promotes Rachel Holman to CEO

Les Bourgeois has a new leading lady.

Movers and Shakers: November

A November update of professionals who grow, serve and achieve.

Wabash Station

Originally built in 1910 for a grand total of $15,000, Wabash Station has served as a gateway to Columbia for more than 100 years.