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Chief of Police Jill Schlude

The Human Cost of Policing

Chief Schlude forecasts an end to CPD’s ‘staffing slump.’

Busy Builder

A recent $1.3 million investment from Veterans United Home Loans (VU) has blossomed into $34…

Raising Funds and Awareness: Craft Beer and Carts

Among the hundreds of photos in the shop at Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia, there’s…

Stacks of Compacted Materials

The Recycle Cycle

From the gaping south entrance, the structure could easily be mistaken for an airplane hangar…

Kylie Somraty and her pup, Coco.

Patio Dogs Create ‘A Great Vibe’  

Patio Dogs Create ‘A Great Vibe’ in Downtown Columbia for students

Cody Finley’s artful representation at the corner of Ninth and Broadway pays homage to colorful native plants.

Outside the (Traffic) Box

Public art keeps downtown Columbia colorful and vibrant, as Cody Finley’s traffic box shows.

Dog and Human as friend and partner, hand and paw on each other

Compassionate Canines

In the Beginning   The domestication of canines began some 15,000 years ago, transforming dangerous…

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog and Empty Food Bowl

The Wild Side

Deep in the heart of the Midwest, there is a plethora of coyotes and raccoons…

Unchained Melodies Volunteer Booth

Unchained Melodies: Rescue, Rehab, Rehome

Unchained Melodies advocates for the dogs with no voice.

Crying Boy Hugging Brown Dog

From Joy to Heartbreak

Few emotions rival the unbridled joy of bringing home a new pet, from watching their…

Zane and Emily sitting in the Animal Control office.

A Day in the Life of Animal Control

At only 8 in the morning, Kevin Meyers, the animal control supervisor for the Columbia/Boone…

Truffles the pig standing in grass looking in the camera.

Pig Tales

Pet porker Truffles lives ‘in the lap of luxury.’