Cube Director Wally Luther

The Cube Captivates Learning at Columbia Independent School

Inspiration, innovation, and investigation at Columbia Independent School’s STEM lab, lovingly referred to as The Cube.

Spot Navigating Stairs

Research, Spot, Research

MU researchers and students use a unique robot named Spot to help guide technology for the future, with Kris Culmer.

Beer Flight at Günter Hans

Günter Hans and the Story of a New Era

On a Sunday in February 2022, Morgan Wright received a surprising phone call from Lydia…

What the Home Pros Know with Elias Abadi

How Often Do I Need a Roof Inspection for Home Safety? 

Elias Abadi gives signs your roof may need an inspection – and how often you should get it inspected without any warning signs.

What the Home Pros Know with Shaun Henry

High Tech versus Tried and True 

Shaun Henry discusses high-tech trends in turf and tree care and how it can affect your curb appeal in Columbia.

What the Home Pros Know with Austin Ilsley

Do you know the risks of lead-based paint?

Austin Ilsley discusses the risk of lead-based paint especially during any renovation, repair, or painting in a pre-1978 built home.

What the Home Pros Know with Brendan Rost

Building the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Brendan Rost from Rost Inc., discusses building the perfect outdoor kitchen as a functional space.

Large Wall of Shelves Filled with Unpainted Pottery Sculptures

Love is in the Kiln

Countless studies have shown that creative endeavors are good for the body and the soul:…

Bertha's Beans Cat Cafe

Not-So-New Cafe is the Cat’s Meow

Jessica Schlosser is no stranger to taking on new projects. When she was approached about…

Sextortion: Dark Hooded Figure

Shrouded in Sh@me and $ecrecy

The desperate and sometimes tragic stories of teens caught up in internet sextortion scams continue…

Therapist and Client Sitting in Matching Chairs

The Perfect Match for Mental Health and Wellness

Mental health is physical health, and from her vantage point as a licensed clinical social…

Clint Sinclair Davon Argo Darryl Reese and Naeema Reese

Building a Family Was ‘A Little Scary’

Clint Sinclair vividly remembers Wednesday, July 8, 2020. That was the day he and Davon…