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All Things Machens

In 1969, Hee Haw, The Brady Brunch and Room 222 made their debuts on TV,…

Online companies create a brick-and-mortar presence

Businesses that began operations online, such as MarketVolt and Columbia Safety, have expanded to include a physical presence in Columbia.

Law and Order

How do firms divvy up the big-time settlements? And how are attorney’s fees calculated? Local experts weigh in on the money behind the business of law.

Faith Based

The city of Columbia is now home to seven high schools, a large number for a town with a population near 113,000. But as the school list expands, are students benefiting from the diverse options?

The Underwriters

Agents National Title Insurance Co. becomes the fourth largest underwriter in Missouri, fueled by old-fashioned values and new-age technology.

Whole Foods

With the push to live longer, healthier lives, new and improved diet programs flood an already saturated market on a daily basis. Yet, an increasing number of people are turning away from fad diets altogether and starting to pay attention not just to the foods they eat, but where their food comes from…


On Thursday afternoon at about 3:45 p.m., Tracy Westbrook arrives for her shift. A bail…

Number of med spas up, tension levels down

Although most people are familiar with spas, chances are when it comes to medical spas,…

Supporting Independence

Boone County Family Resources helps individuals with developmental disabilities lead more independent lives For more…

A Philosophy that Delivers

Shakespeare’s Pizza opens its third Columbia location In July, Shakespeare’s Pizza opened its South location…

Gourmet tales: Tallulah's

New Business

Beyond Our Borders

Columbia dentist Dr. Kent Willett has a warm and welcoming office on Chapel Hill Road.…