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Wrapping up budgets past, present and future

Year in Review: City Finance

City View: Budget proposal sustains core services despite revenue declines

*City View Bill Watkins*Proposed budget to keep services going in tight economy

City View: Budget balancing act: saving money, sustaining services and planning

*State of the City*Bill Watkins explains Columbia’s budget dilemma

City View: Mixed-use parking facility is a win-win for businesses and taxpayers

*City View*Bill Watkins calls parking facility a win-win for businesses and taxplayers

City View: Parks and Recreation Department delivers on promise to voters

*City View*Bill Watkins talks about Parks and Recreation

City View: Mixed-use parking facility designed with Columbia’s future in mind

*City View*Bill Watkins explains need for new parking garage

City View: City budget requires perspective, practical decisions, proactive measures

*City Manager Bill Watkins* Budget needs perspective, practicality, proactive measures

The city manager’s fiscal year 2009 programs and priorities

Editor’s note: The following is a condensed version of Bill Watkins’ State of the City…

City View: Wastewater Master Plan provides impetus for bond issue

*Bond Issue Briefing*City Manager Bill Watkins on wastewater management.

City prepares to set its budget in wake of lower revenues, higher costs

Whether you are planning your personal finances or a corporate budget report, when times are…

Even the city of Columbia must keep utilities current

I really did not intend for a pun to appear in this column. But we’ve…

Police complaint process hinders effective management, public trust

As a business person, you know that it’s critical to stay state-of-the-art in your industry…