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What did your 20 Under 40 selection and experience mean to you?

What did your 20 Under 40 selection and experience mean to you?

  • This story originally appeared in the April 2024 "20 Under 40" issue of COMO Magazine.
Open Dishwasher With Clean Cutlery Glasses Dishes Inside

We did encourage light-hearted answers, though this group probably didn’t need that prompting.

Being chosen as a member of 20 Under 40 was an honor for many reasons but my favorite may be the fact Geoff Karr can’t use it to win who unloads the dishwasher anymore. We’re even .
– Lauren Karr
Class of 2022

Proud to be nominated by my peers.
– Geoff Karr
Class of 2020

Geoff Karr, and proud to not have to unload the dishwasher evidently.
– Tommy Goran
Class of 2020

Extremely honored to be nominated and then chosen as our class was full of some badasses that I was proud to stand with!
– Amanda Lee Quick
Class of 2018

It felt like I got to see myself for the first time. I finally saw myself as the world sees me. It helped me realize that I’m on the right path — no matter how winding or hilly it may be.
– Enola-Riann White
Class of 2023

Proud to be contributing to my community, and proud of my community for encouraging contributors! 
– Wendy Wiederhold
Class of 2003

I was excited through the process. Then blown away and humbled to be recognized with such accomplished community members. The recognition is an accolade!
– Brooke Berkey
Class of 2017

It was humbling and inspiring to be included alongside so many people who care deeply about having a positive impact!
– Emily Lanham Thoroughman
Class of 2007

Seen and heard in an often-unrecognized field of work.
– Meckenzie Hayes
Class of 2023

An honor to be recognized in our community amongst such amazing people!
– Alissa Jones Gerke
Class of 2017

Business is hard. Leadership is hard. Sometimes some days you wake up with nothing in the tank, only to muster up enough grit to take the day’s ass kicking. It means a lot to be recognized among peers that share the same experience for their own reasons.
– Austin Ilsley
Class of 2022

I credit my 20 Under 40 interview with changing local government policy! In it I said the one thing I would improve about Columbia would be giving citizens ROLL CARTS! I wasn’t the only one … we did it folks!
– Kari Hopkins
Class of 2021 

– Revee White
Class of 2023

– Stephanie Turner Goans
Class of 2023

Affirming and overwhelming.
– Amanda Jacobs
Class of 2017

Many of the 20U40 recipients are the community members that inspire me, and I was humbled and maybe slightly confused how I was selected to be in that group. I was also impressed at the number of people Erica Pefferman convinced to sing Eminem on video.
– Nathan Todd
Class of 2017

One of the first things in life I got before David Boyd. So he can’t say I’m copying him on this one.
– Matt Boyd
Class of 2020

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