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The Telltale Signs of Missouri Roof Hail Damage 

The Telltale Signs of Missouri Roof Hail Damage 

  • "The Telltale Signs of Missouri Roof Hail Damage" originally appeared in the April 2024 "20 Under 40" issue of COMO Magazine.
What the Home Pros Know with Elias Abadi

Missouri’s long winters and erratic weather — especially hailstorms — take a toll on your home’s exterior. Missouri roof hail damage is one of the most common causes for roof repair or replacement. Hail damage on roofs can be hard to identify though, especially from the ground level. So, how can you tell when your house has hail damage? 

When Should You Worry? 

Hail can come in any size, weight, and speed, but even what seems like a mild hailstorm could cause roof damage that requires attention. A general rule of thumb is that if hail is quarter-sized or above you should get your roof inspected. However, smaller hail can also cause damage if it is coupled with strong winds or has a high density, so keep an eye on the Weather Channel to get this information. 

Another signal to check your Missouri roof for hail damage is dents and dings on other areas around your home like windows, siding, gutters, A/C units, and even your cars. If there is any amount of damage to any of these places a roof inspection is highly recommended. 

Identifying Missouri Roof Hail Damage 

When hail hits your shingles, it can knock the granules of the shingles loose and cause a dent or “bruise” in the matting of the shingle. You can’t usually see these loose granules from ground level, but over time they will wash away and expose the matting leaving your roof more vulnerable to leaks. Ideally, the damage should be identified and repaired before the matting is exposed. 

Roofing experts will be able to identify loose granules in shingles by getting onto your roof and inspecting the potential damage. Experienced roofers can often tell if there is granule damage by crunching beneath their feet as they walk on your roof. 

Hail damage to roofs typically doesn’t become visible immediately after the storm, but rather in the weeks or even months following the storm. Even if you think your roof isn’t damaged by hail you should always keep an eye out to prevent any major issues. Getting storm damage repaired can help extend the life of your roof by five to ten years. 

Missouri Roof Hail Damage and Insurance Claims 

Because roof hail damage is not always noticed immediately after a storm, some homeowners don’t realize that they can still file an insurance claim for their roof repair or roof replacement. There is not a window of time following a storm in which you must file your insurance claim for roof repairs. You can file at any time. 

When you file an insurance claim for roof hail damage an insurance adjuster will come to assess your roof. Based on the number of divots on each side of the roof they will buy the repairs or replacements side by side. The typical number of divots for a side of the roof to be bought is 10. If the adjuster determines that over half of the roof sides should be repaired or replaced, they will often buy the entire roof. But every insurance policy is different so make sure you check with your company. 

Inspections And Repairs Help Prevent Major Hail Damage 

Overall, roof hail damage can be tricky to identify from the ground level, so professional roof inspections are always recommended after large hailstorms. Additionally, it is important to be familiar with the details of your insurance policy and how your roof is covered. And remember, it isn’t too late to file a claim for hail damage, even if storm season is over. Proper care and maintenance of your roof will help extend its life and prevent damage to other areas of the home, keeping you and your family protected and comfortable. 

Elias Abadi
Elias Abadi

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