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We brought back the Business Times!

We brought back the Business Times!

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CBT returns after a four-year hiatus with the 20 Under 40 Class of 2023

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. The April issue of COMO Magazine is also the April issue of COMO Business Times. (You can say the back cover of COMO Magazine is the front cover of the rebranded CBT, or vice versa.)

Say again?

“Everyone receiving the magazine will now receive both of our magazines,” says COMO Companies President and Publisher Erica Pefferman, adding that she hopes readers will enjoy the magazine’s creative way of getting its stories and information to readers and advertisers.

The rebranded publication is called a flipbook. Once you’ve finished reading COMO Business Times, just flip the magazine over to read COMO Magazine

Columbia Business Times was published for a few decades and was officially retired in a merger with COMO Living in July 2019. The following month, the new COMO Magazine was published, combining business and lifestyle content. 

The timing of that decision was fortunate, because no one anticipated the economic and social changes ushered in by COVID in 2020. The price of paper soared — if it was even available.  

COMO has served the community well for nearly four years. However, its big brother is back,” Erica explains. She says the decision to bring back Columbia’s only premier monthly business-to-business publication was made “after many requests and thoughtful consideration.” 

COMO Business Times features the topics and information that the COMO business community has asked for and come to expect, and the first issue under the new name is highlighted by the publication’s legacy brand: the 20 Under 40 class of 2023. 

“In these pages, you will find a celebration of 20 of our best and brightest in Columbia,” Erica wrote in her CBT publisher’s letter. “This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. Trust me. Many great candidates are nominated every year.” The article breaks down the selection process and presents the 2023 20 Under 40 honorees who represent business, higher education, non-profit service, nuclear engineering, law enforcement, and much more. 

The subscription and payment process are simple. Click here to get started. 

“Remember, you’ll get two for one,” Erica adds. “We’ve done a lot of new things with these issues. We’ve added new voices. We will be adding more in the coming issues.” 

This month’s cover model for COMO Business Times is Stephanie Goans, financial advisor at Edward Jones and one of the 20 Under 40 Class of 2023. The cover model for COMO Magazine is a very good boy named Tony, the K-9 accelerant detection expert for the Columbia Fire Department. 

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