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Good & Messy BBQ

Good & Messy BBQ

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Get your fingers sticky with some of the best BBQ in Columbia.

Nothing can beat Kansas City barbecue — except maybe a few of Columbia’s gems. There are a lot of places and things to love about Columbia, and barbecue is definitely on that list! Each of these barbecue restaurants offers unique styles and flavors, but they can all agree on one essential: wood smokers and a motto of “low and slow.” 

Lutz’s BBQ

How long have you been open? The Columbia location opened in 2012, but we’ve been around since 2000.

Most popular menu items: Pulled pork or brisket.

Something that makes you different? Our homemade chips. They are a great side and a hit at parties!  Part of what makes them unique is that we have 13 different seasonings that range from salty to cheesy to spicy.

Fun fact: We were one of the vendors for the first Roots N Blues (back when it was downtown and entry was free)!

200 E. Nifong Blvd.
(573) 443-4227

Billy Hinson’s Old School BBQ 

How long have you been open? I’ve been in business since 2017. I first started on a flatbed trailer. I brought the smokers, steamers, warmers, and generator on the trailer and worked out of a tent year-round.

Most popular menu items: I would say the brisket or burnt ends, which are cut fresh to order, along with the brisket sandwich. One of the more popular items are the Texas Twinkies — a jalapeño pepper stuffed with brisket cream cheese with a slice of brisket and topped with the remainder of the jalapeño pepper, all wrapped in fresh bacon.

Something that makes you different? I think what makes us different is that every order I slice off the flat for the sandwich or cut from the point for the burnt ends are not leftovers — everything is fresh. I also do not use propane to cook the food with. My smokers use only 100% oak and hickory wood and charcoal. 

Fun fact: We’re on a school bus! It’s a food truck completely modified so I can smoke the meat on-site. People can watch the process from the side of the bus. There was also a hole cut out on the side of the bus where the serving window is so the server can be at eye level with the customers rather than looking down on them.

Check Facebook for pop-up locations:
(573) 489-4893

Bud’s Classic BBQ

How long have you been around? We have been open for six weeks, at the moment we’re answering this question.

Most popular menu item? Prime brisket and mac and cheese.

Something that makes you different? Our entire process is devoted to the craft of barbecue, from custom wood-fired pit smokers to hand-trimmed briskets. We even keg our own craft cocktails.

Fun fact: Bud’s is named after the owner’s grandfather, Jason.

304 S. Ninth St.
(573) 554-5844

Big Daddy’s BBQ

How long have you been around? We’ve been open for six years in the brick and mortar, but we served for two years out of our food truck, so eight years total.

Most popular menu items? Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and catfish.

Something that makes you different? Everything we make is made with love. We use family recipes and food is made fresh daily — once we sell out, we are out.

Fun fact: We are opening another brick and mortar off of Paris Road that will have inside seating — we are set to open before the end of the year.

1205 N. Garth Ave.
(573) 875-2227
Facebook: @bigdaddysbbqcomo 

Como Smoke & Fire

How long have you been open? We will be 8 years old at the end of December.

Most popular menu items:  Burnt ends, Como burger, pulled pork bacon mac and cheese sandwiches, pulled pork egg rolls.

Something that makes you different? We love to put out the best traditional barbecue in the city, but we also like to incorporate our smoked meats into other food types that don’t normally use smoked meats, such as pizzas, egg rolls, quesadillas, gyros, etc. We love having fun in the
kitchen and developing new sandwiches and other food items. 

Fun fact: We are 100% woman-owned. We love giving back to the community that we call ours. We have our eighth annual Ribs for Responders event coming up this December.

4600 Paris Rd., #102
(573) 443-3473

Buckingham Smokehouse BBQ 

How long have you been around? We opened the first Buckingham BBQ in 1998 on the corner of Business Loop and Providence.

Most popular menu items? Pulled pork, smoked brisket, and smoked turkey.

Something that makes you different? We’ve been here for 25 years! Additionally, all of our smokers use 100% hickory wood.

Fun fact: Before the owner, Mark Brown, got into the restaurant business, he spent 20 years on the road working shows for rock stars such as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, Genesis, KISS, and a lot more.

3804 Buttonwood Dr.
(573) 499-1490 

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