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A Toast to Women’s Suffrage

A Toast to Women’s Suffrage

Lisa Driskel Hawxby mixes up a cocktail in honor of this historical event.

Last month, we hosted an event at the distillery for which the theme was celebrating women’s suffrage. I love providing signature cocktails for events, and I was tickled to find that there was a cocktail that had been created for this important occasion! Of course, I couldn’t resist putting my DogMistress twist on it, and I encourage you to try them both.

“The suffragette cocktail is the newest American drink,” the San Francisco Call wrote in the article, “Suffragette Cocktail Makes Man Dish Washer” on July 4, 1909.

“One makes a man willing to listen to the suffragettes’ proposition,” the piece explains. “Two convince him that it has some merit. Three make him a missionary, willing to spread the gospel abroad, and four make him go home and wash the dishes.”

The original Suffragette cocktail:

Equal parts sloe gin, French vermouth, and Italian vermouth

Dash of orange bitters

Two strips of lemon peel

The DogMistress’ She’s on the Ballot:

2 parts gin (I use DogMaster)

1 part Amaro

1 part Sweet Vermouth

1 part Luxardo

Add all ingredients, stir. Serve over ice.

One relaxes her after a long day at work. Two convince her to order in. Three finds her soaking in a hot bath, and the fourth, yes, the fourth, sends her to sleep ever more convinced of her ability and opportunity to achieve her dreams.


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