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The Purrfect Pet

The Purrfect Pet

Dave and Nancy Griggs of Dave Griggs Flooring America have had cats for most of their lives together. “Dave loved cats, and I grew to love them as well,” Nancy says. So when their cat passed away nine years ago, they decided to get another.

The couple got Peggs, a gray tabby cat, from a friend with a farm. He was the friendliest cat of the bunch, and Nancy says he just seemed to like people. The couple swears that Peggs is a person in cat’s clothes.

“Peggs known no strangers,” Dave says. It is this personality that makes Peggs such a sweet cat. He loves to cuddle and will lie in both Dave and Nancy’s lap every night, sharing equally between the two. “It’s like he has an eternal clock and knows when to switch.”

Peggs experienced some medical problems after coming home and is on a special diet. He also has gone deaf in the nine years that the couple has had him. This does not hinder Peggs at all. “When he wants you to do something, he is very noisy,” Nancy says. “Only when you pick him up will he stop.”

Peggs loves attention. He also loves playing with toys, his favorite being a laser light. Nancy and Dave will shine the light around the room, and Peggs will chase it. “He’ll climb five feet on the wall trying to get it,” Nancy says.

With all of their years together, Dave loves when Peggs’ purring puts him to sleep. “He’s a pretty good friend,” he says.


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